Weekly Weigh in

Climate Crisis. Racism. Social Inequality. The War on Plastic. Fast Fashion. Refugee Crisis. The War on War. Sexism. My Own Internal Bias. I’m tackling it all, one week at a time.

Weekly Weigh In #5

I saw a zine on social media this week that depicted two people catching up. “What did you do today?” One asked the other. “Oh, nothing out of the ordinary,” the other replied. “I just gave money to an anti-racist cause, continued my unlearning, and then didn’t tell anybody about it.”* *I’m paraphrasing. I can’t… Continue reading Weekly Weigh In #5

Weekly Weigh In #4

5.23pm I am writing this from my perch on the unstable and dilapidated (chuffed to have found a reason to use that word) outdoor furniture outside my Dublin bedsit. I am in full view of the front room voyeurs of my terraced street and I am in my bra and shorts that have been rolled… Continue reading Weekly Weigh In #4


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About this Privileged White Woman

Hello, I’m Holly. Like many people, I was outraged and devastated by the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Abery, Breonna Taylor and many others in recent weeks. What outraged me more, was my own complicity in systemic racism and a world designed to exclude. This page is my attempt to be a better ally, friend, citizen of this disappearing Earth. In an attempt to hold myself accountable, these posts are a weekly weigh in that will chronicle what I am doing – consistently and persistently – to be active in my activism. Sometimes I will fail, I will let people down – these weigh ins are about owning failure as much as chronicling progress. Most importantly, they are here to serve as a reminder, to myself and to you, that “ally” is a VERB, not just a NOUN.

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