Day 31: The abominable facemask

I'm trying to write and my sisters are intent on derailing my creativity with intense chats about our next choreographed lip-sync video. If you haven't yet experienced the joy of our first masterpiece, here you go. I have been called whore, boring, shit craic, rude, and selfish in the space of three minutes. All for… Continue reading Day 31: The abominable facemask

Day 27: Never underestimate the magic of a mini brioche

I don't know why I continue to willfully underestimate the power of a mini brioche roll to fix all manner of physical, emotional, or imagined ills. I mean, hangover = gone. Inexplicable grief caused by a global pandemic = vanquished in a bite. Randiness = butter will suffice. They are heaven shaped into pudgy faux-baguettes… Continue reading Day 27: Never underestimate the magic of a mini brioche

Day 14: Simon Harris is HOW old??

I'm going to keep this short (mainly because I'm very behind on life admin and also - beer?) I'm worried with these diaries I'm not giving you a good enough insight into the daily goings-on of my life. I'm too fond of the detail to give an overall context. By you, I of course mean… Continue reading Day 14: Simon Harris is HOW old??

And with this list, I thee purge…

The skin on my back is itchy and beginning to peel - a day's tanning turned to waste and patchworked peach. It is noon here in Rethymno and the sun is fat and hot in the sky. In the interest of being a grown up - and surviving to be an actual grown up -… Continue reading And with this list, I thee purge…