Weekly Weigh In #4

5.23pm I am writing this from my perch on the unstable and dilapidated (chuffed to have found a reason to use that word) outdoor furniture outside my Dublin bedsit. I am in full view of the front room voyeurs of my terraced street and I am in my bra and shorts that have been rolled… Continue reading Weekly Weigh In #4

Wednesday Weigh In #3

Hello. How has your week been? Good, I hope. Mine has been busy and hectic but I don't want to say any of that because it sounds like excuses. So, in a bid to keep this functional here's what I've been doing this week to be a better ally. When I sat down to write… Continue reading Wednesday Weigh In #3

Writing for rights and writing wrongs this December

Dear Reader, I'm going to endeavour to keep this short because it's Christmas and most reading this are too hungover, frazzled, and marinated in mulled wine and the repressed wrath only once-a-year family reunions can ignite to read more than is absolutely necessary. I assure you, this is absolutely necessary. Christmas is, in my opinion,… Continue reading Writing for rights and writing wrongs this December