Day 7: Self-Care is not a euphemism for hair removal.

The truth is I've been trying to write this for five minutes but a piece of toenail got stuck in my keyboard. I tried to get it out but in so doing instead aided it in its escape from my newly-manicured fingers so that now its rump is lodged under the '@' key - which,… Continue reading Day 7: Self-Care is not a euphemism for hair removal.

Be more Greta

Greta Thunberg is not just an inspiring climate activist argues HOLLY HUGHES, while fighting hard to change the world, this remarkable young woman is also forcing us to readdress how we see and assert ourselves in it.  How many times have you been enmeshed in an argument, a discussion or even a negotiation and, despite… Continue reading Be more Greta

I am not a prize to be won: The problematic misogyny of Disney

This article featured in the Irish Examiner Weekend Magazine in March 2019. If I had to choose one memory to define my childhood, it would begin and end with a meringue princess dress. Adorned with tiara, bedecked in what I called jewels but everyone else termed plastic crap, watching a Disney movie with rapt eyes… Continue reading I am not a prize to be won: The problematic misogyny of Disney

A Plea for Repeal

Last week saw a day sunny and hot - a typical Wednesday on the island of Crete. I took shelter from the heat to watch the RTE Debate on the upcoming referendum. I hoped to feel sheltered in more ways than one - seeking comfort and refuge in the familiarity of home, flailing towards a… Continue reading A Plea for Repeal

Me too, the first.

For months - actually, who am I kidding, years - I've toyed with the idea of beginning a blog (probably one of my least favourite words in the world). Stringing clumsy sentences together on conceptual whims, hanging bundles of ideas out to dry on the flapping, flailing washing line of my mind. I was always… Continue reading Me too, the first.