Ordeals and Are You For Reals: Sponsored by Aircoach Customer Service

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the more your life crumbles around you, the more amusing it is to the wider populus. Due to some interest in an Instagram story documenting a pasta-induced delirium, exacerbated by an inflated ego, I have decided my first new post should not be the insightful, considerate, thought-provoking, earnest… Continue reading Ordeals and Are You For Reals: Sponsored by Aircoach Customer Service

Family holiday: an anthropological analysis

In the midst of bleak January, five adult children and their two childlike parents packed themselves into two cars, packed all of their belongings into one suitcase and seven bursting ‘knapsacks’* and jetted off for some sunny R&R. Here’s a relatively accurate account of our travels, filled with artistic licence and a flair for the satirical.

Veganism: A Reluctant and Enthusiastic Odyssey

The Premise: Some grey day in 2017. Probably a Monday. Actually, wait, scratch the grey - grey never did inspire great change in me. It's more than likely a rare firecracker of a summer's (March) day that makes you want to whip out skimpy clothes and flaking skin cells that haven't seen sunlight in about… Continue reading Veganism: A Reluctant and Enthusiastic Odyssey