Extraneous Miscellaneous

Much like Miley, I can’t be tamed. So, on rare occasion, I push the boat out to try a few other wordy things with other wordy people. And this would be that.

How West Cork businesses can become carbon neutral

This is me being a working professional and marrying my actual job with my fantasy early-morning, late-night side hustle. I work for an amazing climate action and social justice NGO and was lucky to write a piece on the role of social impact carbon offsetting in business – how important it is; how easy it is; how impactful it is. A joy.

I am not a prize to be won: The problematic misogyny of Disney

This article featured in the Irish Examiner Weekend Magazine in March 2019.

“If I had to choose one memory to define my childhood, it would begin and end with a meringue princess dress. Adorned with tiara, bedecked in what I called jewels but everyone else termed plastic crap, watching a Disney movie with rapt eyes the size of saucers. I cannot remember a time I did not want to be a princess or a childhood game that didn’t involve twirling in my garden singing, ‘someday my prince will come’. Watching these princesses as they swooned, sighed, sang angelically, I believed I was learning everything a perfect woman should be. Now, I realise I was learning female submission, rather than empowerment.

Derry Girls returns on a high, with hope, hilarity, and some lovely wee Protestant boys

Attended the press screening of Derry Girls Season Two on behalf of Independent.ie and felt about as smug as the Smirking Mary.