The importance of being earnest

Whether in an office intern, a romantic interest, or an over-zealous waiter, earnestness is inherently and almost universally unattractive. Nobody wants to own that trait too eager to be endearing and too pushy to be popular. And yet, I believe nothing is more important than being earnest. In this world of ubiquitous injustice and ambiguous… Continue reading The importance of being earnest

Honouring Nora Quoirin with an Ode to Sisterhood

I have spent the past few weeks searching for hope in a global sadness occasioned by Nora Quoirin’s death. Unable to stop thinking of the siblings left behind without a sister, it occurred to me that, too often, it takes tragedy to loosen our lips and become verbose on the subject of love. Too often,… Continue reading Honouring Nora Quoirin with an Ode to Sisterhood