A Plea for Repeal

Last week saw a day sunny and hot - a typical Wednesday on the island of Crete. I took shelter from the heat to watch the RTE Debate on the upcoming referendum. I hoped to feel sheltered in more ways than one - seeking comfort and refuge in the familiarity of home, flailing towards a… Continue reading A Plea for Repeal

The Importance of Being Angry feat. the Ovaries of Wrath

I'm angry, again. It's something that happens habitually - an old, familiar blanket I wrap myself up in, warming the chills life occasions in thesmug, intoxicating hedonism of beautiful, fiery ire. It often gets me into trouble, this anger, and then I throw off my blanket in a rush of flushed shame and guilt, hasty… Continue reading The Importance of Being Angry feat. the Ovaries of Wrath

Me too, the first.

For months - actually, who am I kidding, years - I've toyed with the idea of beginning a blog (probably one of my least favourite words in the world). Stringing clumsy sentences together on conceptual whims, hanging bundles of ideas out to dry on the flapping, flailing washing line of my mind. I was always… Continue reading Me too, the first.