Day 40: I have some news…(I’m not pregnant)

Is this the chosen subject line of the email I sent one head of department in my organisation to tell him I was quitting my job? Maybe. WHOEVER SAID I SOLD OUT AND BECAME AN I-DOTTING, T-CROSSING, NINE-TO-FIVER WITH MY REGULAR SALARY, PLEASE KINDLY EAT YOUR WORDS NOW. I'm still eccentric, I'm still a maverick,… Continue reading Day 40: I have some news…(I’m not pregnant)

Weekly Weigh In #4

5.23pm I am writing this from my perch on the unstable and dilapidated (chuffed to have found a reason to use that word) outdoor furniture outside my Dublin bedsit. I am in full view of the front room voyeurs of my terraced street and I am in my bra and shorts that have been rolled… Continue reading Weekly Weigh In #4

Day 39: Keeping an anti-social distance from “normality”

I'm back in Dublin. After over three months spent in complete isolation in Cork, where the only people I have spoken to outside my family are siblings' other halves, two family friends and the lovely cashiers in my three trips to Ireland's best, prize-winning Supervaloo, I am back once more in the cacophonic breach, floating… Continue reading Day 39: Keeping an anti-social distance from “normality”

Wednesday Weigh In #3

Hello. How has your week been? Good, I hope. Mine has been busy and hectic but I don't want to say any of that because it sounds like excuses. So, in a bid to keep this functional here's what I've been doing this week to be a better ally. When I sat down to write… Continue reading Wednesday Weigh In #3

Day 38: A Love Letter to my TDs…

Today I spent my lunchbreak writing letters to my TDs and government ministers asking of their plans to ensure promises of ending direct provision in the next government's lifetime were upheld and urging them to put the worsening situation in the Mediterranean to the top of their agenda. Here is the letter. To show you… Continue reading Day 38: A Love Letter to my TDs…

Day 36: I dreamed Dolly Alderton and I were bezzies and, apart from social inequality, have thought of little else.

I don't really know what else there is to say. My weekend dreams in lockdown are BEE-ZARRE. I think it's the fact I've nothing going on so my dreams are trying to make up for it by being perfectly outrageous. Although I do have strange dreams as a human anyway. Incredibly, minutely, realistic and so… Continue reading Day 36: I dreamed Dolly Alderton and I were bezzies and, apart from social inequality, have thought of little else.

Wednesday Weigh In #2

I've been doing a lot of sitting this week. Not literally. Literally, I couldn't stop moving. I pounded the roads running, cycling, walking, hurtling, trying to rid my body of the toxicity of the week. I thought, if I could just keep moving I might arrive at some harmonious destination, some grand moment of enlightenment… Continue reading Wednesday Weigh In #2

Day 35: I ran 17 kilometres and now my end is definitely nigh

I know now is not the time to be flippant about death so please read the above caption with the required level of concern. I THINK I AM DYING. I have had to eat so much sugar just to keep my poor heart in motion; I may be having a very modest, quietly unobtrusive, delicately… Continue reading Day 35: I ran 17 kilometres and now my end is definitely nigh

Wednesday Weigh In #1

"Privilege is not about what you've gone through, but what you haven't had to go through" - Janaya Khan. So here it is, here I am, doing absolutely not enough but something. Holding myself accountable. Making sure I won't do what I always do - get all hyped up on the injustice of the moment,… Continue reading Wednesday Weigh In #1